Thankful Friday 11.2.12


+ Spent Wednesday in San Francisco to watch the San Francisco Giants World Series parade!
+ We didn’t run out of Halloweeny candy, though now I’ve found myself making my way to the kitchen about seven times a day to grab a couple pieces.
+ My friends on the East Coast are doing okay after Sandy’s wrath.
+ Had vegetarian (unintended) tacos with my best friend and wife.
+ After waking up Monday with my left heel screaming profanities, it’s starting to feel better.
+ Though it’s been a nonstop challenge, I’m really making great progress with the feature script.
+ Completed and mailed in my absentee ballot.

This weekend I’ll be writing, sleeping, checking out a launch of a local parklet and consuming left over Halloweeny candy. Hope you all have a great couple of days.