Thankful Friday 11.16.12 / Peek-a-boo

Thankful Friday 11.16.12 / Peek-a-boo

Peeking out from my laptop to say hello. I’ve been busy finishing up the first draft of this feature script that ‘s currently on my plate. I work slower than I’d prefer. What I think should take me a day to complete ends up taking me a week. Because of the constant need I have to be productive, it’s difficult for my to digest. I don’t feel accomplished if I’m not able to mark items off my to-do list, so when projects run over into the next day, I have a tendency to get slightly discouraged. Constant reminders to just focus on making progress everyday help… sometimes.

There are a number of things to be thankful for this week:

+ Watched my sister-in-law’s collge basketball game. Though they lost, it was good to see her face. Plus, the group I went with hit up Fenton’s afterwards for ice cream and French fries.
+ My sister earned her Phlebotomy certification.
+ We watched a friend’s doggie and the unthinkable happened. My cat and the dog actually got along.
+ My wife and I went to a recital by Jay Krohnengold, who played MR. GROMMEL in my short film, SLY SYLVESTER. He rocked the performance. It made me want to write a musical for him.
+ Attended the BlueCat Screenwriting Workshop last weekend and picked up a number of great tips from writer and BlueCat director, Gordy Hoffman.

This weekend I’ll be attending a script reading, having pre-Thanksgiving dinner with some friends, and trudging through the challenges of writing this script. Hope you all have a great one!