Thankful Friday 11.30.12

Thankful Friday 11.30.12

Good morning. The rain is really coming down today in the Bay. Add the inclement weather to the long week I’ve had and the result is a 0.1% motivation level to work today. I’d much rather just stay in sweats and go on a BROTHERS & SISTERS marathon. I’m incredibly late with getting into that television series… about six years late. I finally discovered its brilliance and have been streaming it while working over the past few weeks.

Luckily, what I have to work on today are fun projects. I’ll knock out my freelance responsibilities first so that I can spend the rest of my time tightening up the draft of the feature script I recently finished. I’ll also spend time outlining a new short script that I’m writing just for the fun of it. The short’s inspired by the annual agreement my wife and I have where I allow her full control of the radio so that she can listen to holiday music from Thanksgiving through Christmas Day.

I’ve missed a couple weeks of Thankful Friday, including Thanksgiving week, which I have no excuse for missing, so let me think back on all the goodies from the last fourteen days or so.

+ Spent Thanksgiving Day with my wife and mother in law. We had an awesome time and finished up the night by playing cards and drinking scotch.
+ Spent the day after Thanksgiving with my immediate family, which was nice because it seems as if we haven’t seen each other as often lately.
+ Emailed off a draft of the feature script I’ve been working on to the man who’s hired me. We’re going to talk soon about where to go from here.
+ We finally recycled our little wine fridge that hasn’t worked in over four years. There’s now extra room on the kitchen counter!
+ I read Judd Apatow’s script THIS IS 40. You can find it here.
+ Benny Gold had a Cyber Monday sale so I was able to pick up a couple things for a sweet deal.

Hope you all have great (and dry) weekend!