My name is Kim Nunley and I am a screenwriter living in the beautiful city of Oakland, California. I am always looking to collaborate with others who are enthusiastic and eager. Please feel free to email me at kdnunley {at} gmail {dot} com.

I’ve written feature, short and pilot scripts. A few of my short scripts have been produced.

Feature-Length Scripts
SUPER TED / Silver Screenwriting Quarterfinalist, Austin Film Festival Second Rounder
After losing his powers, a former famous super hero strives to figure out how he can still make an impact on the world.
QUEEN TO BE / Austin Film Festival Second Rounder
A sheltered and selfish princess must come to terms with her destiny and sacrifice her own desires in order to become Queen and save her kingdom from a dangerous rogue leader.
MY BROTHER MICK / Silver Screenwriting Competition Semifinalist, Script Doctor Eric Screenwriting Competition Semifinalist
An insecure teenager and his demanding, handicapped younger brother must learn to work together when they embark on a trip alone to rescue their mother from a violent man from their past.

Pilot Scripts
BLACK OAK CELLARS (co-written with April Abeyta) / 1-hour drama / Screencraft Pilot Launch Contest Quarterfinalist
Due to tragic events, twenty-one year old Desi Harrington moves to the Napa Valley to join her matriarchal grandmother and extended family; a close knit group that ardently teeters between high class and lawlessness to keep their winery flourishing.

Short Films
SLY SYLVESTER / 2012 / written and produced by Kim Nunley / directed and produced by April Abeyta / 2012 Oakland International Film Festival, 2012 Sacramento International Film Festival (Outstanding Nor Cal Comedy Short), 2015 I HELLA Love Shorts Festival
An apartment renter so desperate for love pretends to own a cat in order to make contact with the gorgeous pet sitter finds himself in a debacle when his menacing landlord thinks he’s breaking the lease’s no-pet rule.
TUESDAY SUNRISE / 2014 / written by Kim Nunley / directed and produced by Bobby Huntley II
A young professional is laid off from his job, but is too embarrassed and afraid of disappointing his wife that he pretends to go to work everyday, and ends up living life for the first time.
BETWEEN ROCK AND A HARD PLACE / 2015 / written by Kim Nunley / produced by Mary Meyer & Bennett Rodgers / 2016 Smoky Mountain Film Festival
When a struggling young musician making ends meet working as a singing telegram is tasked with delivering a break-up message through song and it doesn’t go as planned, she discovers a prosperous career isn’t the only way her music can make an impact.
GOING TO THE GYM / 2015 / written,shot,produced by Kim Nunley and Julia Simone
Jules wakes with a single goal in mind for the day: get to the gym.
SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING / 2017 / written and produced by Kim Nunley / directed by April Abeyta / 2017 Kansas City FilmFest, 2017 BASH – Bay Area Short Film Festival
Two strangers connect in the final minutes before an asteroid impacts and destroys earth.
THE BOYS / 2017 / written by Kim Nunley / produced and directed by Tanner Charnstrom / 2017 Arizona Student Film Festival
Two teen brothers decide to break out of the whirlpool of foster care when a pair of social workers come to collect and move them into a new home.
“I DON’T NEED YOU ANYMORE” – RICHARD TURGEON (MUSIC VIDEO) / 2017 / produced and sound by Kim Nunley / directed by April Abeyta / written by Richard Turgeon

Short Scripts
BREAKFAST AT GERARDO’S / Kansas City Women in Film and TV Screenwriting Contest Semifinalist, BlueCat Quarterfinalist
After losing her husband, eighty year-old ABBY sets out to ride up a steep hill alone on a tandem bike designed for two to prove to herself that she can make it on her own.
Sibling squirrels must work together to rescue their winter stash after they discover its location has been compromised.
SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING / 2015 California Film Awards 2nd Place, Screencraft Short Film Production Fund Semifinalist, 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Contest Semifinalist, 2016 Kansas City Women in Film and TV Screenplay Competition Finalist (Audience Choice Prize)
Two strangers connect in the final minutes before an asteroid impacts and destroys earth.

Other Awards
One of nine finalists, 2012 San Francisco Film Society Hearst Screenwriting Grant
Top 12 Finalist, 2010 Cyberspace Open

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