‘SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING’ Makes Quarterfinalist Cut at BlueCat

My short tale about two strangers sharing the final minutes before the earth is destroyed made the quarterfinalist cut at the 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition. SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING is one of my personal favorites so I’m thrilled it’s being well-received. Congratulations to the other finalists and best of luck in the upcoming rounds.

The BlueCat Screenplay Competition was started in 1998 by screenwriter Gordy Hoffman. It’s a contest I participate in every year because I’ve found the judges to be top notch. Plus, the contest provides you with the readers’ feedback, which in the past has helped me identify problem areas. It also doesn’t hurt that their short script contest winner takes home $10,000.


Making the quarterfinalist cut at BlueCat is legit. According to the contest’s site, there were a total of 2,086 short script submissions in this year’s contest. Just 119 made this first quarterfinalist cut, which means SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING was considered to be in the top 5.7% of all submissions.
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‘SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING’ 2nd Place at California Film Awards

I’m elated to share that my short script, ‘SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING,’ was awarded 2nd Place in the Short Script Competition at California Film Awards.

SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING is a short drama about two uncongenial strangers sharing the final seven minutes together before a gigantic asteroid destroys the earth.

SLY SYLVESTER Screens at Oakland’s I Hella Love Shorts Festival

Last night, SLY SYLVESTER screened alongside nine other shorts as part of I Hella Love Shorts Q4 film festival. Director and co-producer April Abeyta and I were honored to have our little comedy featured alongside what were admirable projects.

Haven’t seen SLY SYLVESTER yet? You can now watch it online, here.

Also, be sure to check out I Hella Love Shorts, “like” them on Facebook and “follow” them on Twitter to keep up with their upcoming festivals.
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SLY SYLVESTER to play at Oakland’s I HELLA Love Shorts

I’m honored to announce that SLY SYLVESTER, a short film I wrote and produced, has been selected to screen in the I HELLA Love Shorts Festival on Sunday, December 6. The quarterly festival showcases local and international independent filmmakers.

The festival is hosted by The Flight Deck (1540 Broadway Street, Oakland). Come out Sunday, December 6 at 5:30 to enjoy eats, drinks and flicks. Advanced tickets are available for $7 via Brown Paper Tickets or you can pay $10 at the door.
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New Short Film: Going To The Gym

My friend Julia Simone and I challenged ourselves to write and shoot a short comedy in a single afternoon.

Please enjoy GOING TO THE GYM.

Jules wakes with a single goal in mind for the day: get to the gym.

Written / Shot / Produced: Julia Simone & Kim Nunley
Assistant Editor: April Abeyta
Music: Kevin MacLeod “Carefree”, DJ Khaled “Out Here Grindin'”

‘SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING’ a Semifinalist at Screencraft’s Short Film Production Fund Contest

I’m so happy to have my latest short script, SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING, still in consideration for financing through Screencraft’s Short Film Production Fund. The organization announced the semifinalists last night.

SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING is a short drama about two uncongenial strangers sharing the final seven minutes together before a gigantic asteroid destroys the earth.

Screencraft has partnered with BondIt, a media hedge fund based in Beverly Hills, to generously financially assist in the production of at least four short films per year. Congratulations to the other semifinalists. The complete list of semifinalist scripts is available here. Fund recipients will be announced sometime next week.

Thank you to Bond It and Screencraft for the continued consideration.

Black Oak Cellars Makes Quarterfinalist Cut at 2015 Screencraft Pilot Launch Contest

Delighted to share that the 1-hour drama pilot I co-wrote with April Abeyta, BLACK OAK CELLARS, has made the quarterfinalist list at the 2015 Screencraft Pilot Launch contest. There were over 1,600 submissions so making the first cut is an honor.

BLACK OAK CELLARS is set in my hometown of Napa, CA.

Due to tragic events, twenty-one year old Desi Harrington moves to the Napa Valley to join her matriarchal grandmother and extended family; a close knit group that ardently teeters between high class and lawlessness to keep their winery flourishing.

Sending my sincere congrats to all the other writers who submitted their work.

My Feature Script, ‘SUPER TED,’ Uploaded Onto Black List

Hey there. I recently uploaded my super hero dramatic comedy script, SUPER TED, onto the Black List website. If you’re a member of the site, I welcome you to download and read it.

I hesitatingly describe the script as a super hero story, as it’s more of a coming-of-age, human interest tale about what it means to be a hero.

After losing his super powers, SUPER TED, the former celebrated town hero, must trade the acclaim, muscular physique and blue and gold tights for a more traditional life. Initially lost, as everything that made him who he used to be seems gone, he tries and humorously fails other noble career paths before landing a gig as a driver at an elderly home. It’s not until he realizes that he needs to dig deeper past superhuman strength and physical powers that he’s able to make an impact on those around him and ultimately combat the mightier villain that threatens his city. A dramatic comedy that dives into the question of what it means to be a real “hero,” SUPER TED deals with the discovery of how to live every day with the values of a superhero, but with the means of a regular person.

So far the script has received two positive “7” scores, with each evaluation featuring encouraging comments from readers:

“This script is incredibly creative, charming, and heartwarming. The structure is fantastic, building up the literal (super)hero’s arc with even pacing and high stakes.”

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Joe Swanberg’s HAPPY CHRISTMAS has received mixed reviews, but I am a fan. Check out my review at The Movie Hopper.
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Thoughts on ‘NEBRASKA’

Thoughts on ‘NEBRASKA’

My review of Alexander Payne’s NEBRASKA, perhaps my favorite film from last year, has been published on Pulp 365. Find it here.
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