Joe Swanberg’s HAPPY CHRISTMAS has received mixed reviews, but I am a fan. Check out my review at The Movie Hopper.
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Thoughts on ‘NEBRASKA’

My review of Alexander Payne’s NEBRASKA, perhaps my favorite film from last year, has been published on Pulp 365. Find it here.

Go Into the Story features SLY SYLVESTER

Scott Myers of Go Into The Story kindly featured SLY SYLVESTER for his “Movies You Made” series for March.

Thank you Scott!

Check out the feature here.

Talking Screenwriting & Structure

Yesterday, I took advantage of being invited to speak screenwriting and story structure with the writing and design team at a Silicon Valley start up. Although I’m much more comfortable curled up and working alone in my office, it felt good to get out and interact with other creatives and I am very thankful for the opportunity!
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Ah yeah! Filmmaker Bobby Huntley II just sent over the first snippet from TUESDAY SUNRISE. This particular scene features Bennett Rodgers playing “Dennis,” Mary Meyer playing “Melissa,” and Brenda Bass playing “The Boss.” I haven’t met any of them, but I wish I could give them each a hi-five!
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Watch: Trailer for TUESDAY SUNRISE

The trailer for TUESDAY SUNRISE is here! The film will premiere tonight in Nashville and receive its online release soon.

Featuring: Bennett Rodgers, Mary Meyer, Kevin Bohleber, Brenda Bass, Guardian 7 Michael and Steve Heydel
Directed/Edited: Bobby Huntley II
Written: Kim Nunley
Director of Photography: J.H. Sprenkle
Casting: Watkins School of Arts
Assistant Director: Gabriela Jimenez
Executive Producer: Theodore WMS Smith, MD
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Blessed to have been RDQLUS’d

My friend Steve Gordon, Jr. of RDQLUS generously blessed me with his talents last year when he created my creative direction / branding / identity system & logo design. Having a visual identity system that reflects both me and my work has been an extremely important tool for promoting myself as an artist. He recently added my identity system to his “Featured Projects” page. On it, he explains the background of the system and why he made certain decisions. Having Steve and his craft behind me gives me the confidence to stand a bit taller.

Be sure to check out Steve and his work.

Back With The Pharoah Films Show

This weekend I’ll be back on The Pharoah Films Show with Janay Michelle! The show will also feature singer/songwriter Rayven Justice and actor Big Spence, both also based in Oakland. You’ll also be able to catch a screening of SLY SYLVESTER during the show.

Set your DVR for 11 am this Sunday, October 27 to KOFY TV20 Cable 13.

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My Segment on The Pharoah Films Show

Thank you again to the team at The Pharoah Films Show, who kindly invited me to be a part of their show this season (and also helped my introvert ass not freak out when the camera started rolling). Below is my segment. Remember, you can watch SLY SYLVESTER for free, here.
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The Pharoah Films Show: Aired

The episode of The Pharoah Films Show that I was featured on aired this past Saturday. Host Janay Michelle kindly asked me about SLY SYLVESTER (which was also shown in its entirety) and my upcoming project, BREAKFAST AT GERARDO’S. I was hoping to talk about all of my upcoming projects, which include a short and feature with a friend of mine from New York, but was nervous being on screen and pooped the bed.

I’m working on uploading the segment onto YouTube and it will be on the site here shortly. Thanks to everyone who checked it out live!

UPDATE: Bay Area friends! If you missed the airing of SLY SYLVESTER on The Pharoah Films Show last Saturday, you’re in luck! The film will be featured once again this weekend, so set your DVR to KOFY TV (ch. 13 or 20) for 3 pm PST on Saturday, July 13.

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